When is it too much digital stimulation?

Children are severely addicted to the digital world. Every device that they own is digitized, making it worrisome for parents that they are lacking in the creativity department. The art of imagination has taken a back seat to the world of technology.

Small children no longer require interactive toys to entertain them, because they are engrossed in the stimulation they receive from an electronic device. This can really hinder the growth and development of a child.

This digital need is interfering with their daily lives, such as chores, education, sports, and hobbies. It can even become such a problem that it begins to affect the child’s health.

Too much digital stimulation is harmful physically and mentally. More than ever we see children who need glasses, and poor hygiene is possessed by those who are addicted to the racing industry of technology. It also affects the child’s sleep patterns because they are so involved in digital stimulation.

Here are a variety of things to look for in your child’s digital usage that could serve as a warning sign that they are addicted.

Avid gamer

Games draw kids in and keep them in the digital world for an extended amount of time. Games are offered on most digital devices so it is no longer a need for them to depend on a gaming system for digital gaming access.

There are a variety of games offered on the internet, and your child can access them with any internet ready device. Some of the games, even involve live playing sessions which means they are playing with other avid gamers. Other games can be downloaded and played without an internet connection.

Music freaks

Music is a way children can express themselves, and they often become very obsessed with downloading loads of music, partaking in online karaoke, and listening to an online radio for hours. When this occurs, you can count on your child staying in their room for hours looking for the latest jams that they can rock out to. This will cause a huge barrier for parents with kids who go round with earbuds or headphones on all the time. It becomes annoying when trying to talk to your child.


If your child owns a cell phone, you can almost bet they are sending tons of random text messages. It often turns into a message frenzy that includes a circle of people. Your child will jump from one message to the next and this will keep them engrossed in their digital device.

Social networking

Kids become absolutely obsessed with checking social media updates. Not only are they partaking in conversation, they are also checking the latest notifications. This is a huge addiction that affects not only kids, but also many adults.

Put limits on digital use

There are several ways you can hinder your child from spending all their time on their digital devices. With the help of the advanced monitoring system called PhoneSheriff you can monitor usage, set limitation, and interrupt when rules are being broken.

PhoneSheriff is aware of the importances of keeping children in check when it comes to digital devices. Therefore, they have created a software that is packed with a variety of features to help ensure your child is safe and does not become addicted to the digital world.

With the help of PhoneSheriff, parenting has become easier. We can’t be with our children all the time, but PhoneSheriff has your back when you’re not around.

PhoneSheriff monitoring is done discreetly, and is not traceable. So your child will never suspect that you are monitoring them.