WhatsApp Hack to Trap a Cheating Spouse

whatsapp app

Have you heard of WhatsApp? It’s the popular social media software where you can chat with friends, share photos, and more. I have it on my smartphone as does my husband on his.

My husband has been acting suspiciously of late and I think he is having an affair. However, he puts a password on his smartphone and guards his device quite meticulously.

I know that browsing his WhatsApp chats would tell me more and one of my options is to run what is known as WhatsApp hack software on his smartphone. I actually have these options:

  • WhatsApp hack software that specifically traps messages from the app
  • Keylogging software
  • Software to view the smartphone screen in real-time
  • A private investigator
  • Word of mouth from friends

WhatsApp hack software is the best solution for catching a cheating spouse in the list above and now you will see why.

WhatsApp Hack Software

WhatsApp hack software that runs silently on the smartphone that is being monitored was my first choice when attempting to find out whether of not my husband was cheating on me.

With this WhatsApp hack software, the chat logs and photos are sent at regular intervals to an area where I can view them through the subscriber control panel provided to me. The conversations I saw revealed to me that he was in fact cheating on me.


The particular version of WhatsApp hack software that I purchased also came with a keylogging feature. Basically this feature does what it says by capturing all of the keystrokes entered on the monitored smartphone and displaying them in a format that can be read from my subscriber control panel.

My husband was circumventing WhatsApp and using Gtalk to conduct chats but I could see them because of this feature. This was in spite of the fact that the WhatsApp hack software did not have hooks specifically into Gtalk.

Real-time Screen Viewing

There are even WhatsApp spy software packages on the market that have a feature to capture what is happening on the target smartphone’s screen in real-time. The particular brand of software that I purchased didn’t have this feature but you can imagine all of the possibilities.

Private Investigator

I only mentioned private investigator to track a cheating spouse for comparison with the powerful yet affordable features that you can get with WhatsApp spy software.

A private investigator could have revealed the affair that my spouse was having but for far more of a cost than my nominal expenditure on WhatsApp hack software.

Private investigators are not only expensive. They also cannot do their job 24 by 7 and they need breaks. Furthermore, I wasn’t about to spend a large sum of money to catch my cheating husband when I could get the same results with WhatsApp hack software.

What Your Friends Saw

Without WhatsApp hack software running on my husband’s smartphone, I would have had to rely on the word-of-mouth from friends that may have seen him chatting with the other woman. While word-of-mouth is good, it is not as reliable as having software running on his smartphone that tells me exactly what he was chatting about and with whom.